• Photo of Mario Anglada, Hoy Health CEO

Mario Anglada

Chief Executive Officer

Born in Puerto Rico, Mario Anglada was exposed to the healthcare disparities between rich and poor at a young age.

He grew up witnessing friends and family who did not have access to healthcare suffer because of chronic conditions. And in Hispanic cultures, which tend to be very connected and rooted in family and community, the illness or death of a loved one has a profound ripple effect. He can recall a visit to the hospital with his uncle who lost a leg. His uncle suffered from diabetes, a chronic condition that he could have learned to manage. This is just one of the many times Mario saw first-hand the lack of resources due to ethnic disparity, the lack of individual access to healthcare, and the overall lack of care.

Mario served in the U.S. Army for four years before pursuing higher education. He has since spent about 30 years in the healthcare industry. There were many paths Mario could have chosen, but after watching broken systems over and over, he knew a new model of care had to be implemented.

Advances in technology provided an inflection point for Mario to decide to try to solve those problems.

Hoy Health launched about four years ago. The Hoy Health model of care meets patients in their home in a culturally sensitive way and with language patients are comfortable with.

Mario Anglada - Hoy Health