Dr. Philip Templeton

Chief Medical Officer of DocPanel Technologies Inc. and MEDMO

Dr. Templeton has strong backgrounds in both academic medicine and entrepreneurial medicine.

Academic highlights include being Thoracic Radiology Section Chief at Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland, Consultant Radiologist at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, and Radiology Professor and Chairman at the University of Maryland for ten years. He was a pioneer in digital x-ray and the use of PACS and teleradiology. Dr. Templeton served on or ran medical advisory boards for Marconi, AGFA, Toshiba, 3M, Swissray, IDC, Neurostar, Biotronics, Episonica, GROM SOCIAL, UX MAKE, and in advisory capacities to IMIX Americas. In 2001 Dr. Templeton left his chair to found and develop a successful national teleradiology business, servicing 34 US states and ranked #2 in the US. He sold that company in 2008 and continued working for the acquirer until 2011. Subsequently he has been a consultant, chief medical officer and investor/entrepreneur in various fields of medicine in and out of medicine. He is currently the Chief Medical Officer of DocPanel Technologies Inc. and MEDMO.

Dr. Philip Templeton - Hoy Health